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Let’s read a story to understand better.

Sarah was looking for a good hotel to stay in on a recent trip to London. She went online trying to search for a website that gave a detailed description of the accommodations and services before booking a room for her. She browsed her way through different websites, frustrated and lost. Some websites had fonts too big to fit her mobile screen and some too small to read. Some websites took way too much time to load on her screen and, for others, she could not find a call to action – there was no way of contacting the hotel easily! This is the story of thousands of customers trying to find what they are looking for online. The solution? You can create a website that effortlessly gives consumers what they need when they need it. Surely no business wants to lose out on potential customers because of a badly made website?

We now live in the mobile era and it is inevitable that people will be opening your website from their phone – millions upon millions of users are using smartphones and tablets. Consumers now prefer mobile web browsing over the desktop as mobiles are handy even when people are “on-the-go”. Creating a mobile-friendly website is the first step you can take, but just tweaking your website will not keep you ahead of others. Responsive Web Design is the current trend among web designing companies. Let’s learn about responsive web design, what it’s all about, it’s benefits, and how you can help your company grow using this approach.

Online retail growth is staggering. The number of online buyers globally is estimated to reach 2.14 billion by 2021. Convenience and cost-savings are prompting people to adopt e-commerce, while factors such as internet speed and lower-priced smartphones are facilitating this process. Having your own e-commerce website brings you a wealth of opportunity and Web Choice can help you with your e-commerce website development.

Our E-Com Skills

Our experienced web designers and developers create end-to-end e-Commerce systems. Our focus is on communication, automation of work-flow, management of financial transactions, usability management, content management, shopping cart application, and payment gateway integration. Our design & development supply includes:

  • Modern, Fresh, Web Design Services.
  • Stunning landing page designs
  • Email campaign design & Implementation.
  • Responsive web design for mobile happy sites.
  • Hosting services & domain name registrations
  • Search engine optimization services
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